Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Product Review - Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay

I received the Perversion mascara by Urban Decay as part of my Ipsy subscription. I was super excited about trying it out as I love Urban Decay products. The bottom line is that I hate this mascara.

The first application went okay. I actually was pretty happy with how black the lashes were readily. I thought that I'd be happy with it. I was unsure about the brush but figured that I'd wait and see. Well, first off, after I had closed the tube, I noticed that my fingers were all black and there was black all over the counter top. It turns out that the mascara itself had spilled out and there was a wide rim of black mascara around where the top closes. I wiped it off... and I have to do that every single time I close the darn tube.

While the formulation is indeed an intense black, it tends to make globs super easily so I wasn't happy with that. And the brush is useless at helping taking care of that. The brush is super soft, which feels nice on the lashes but it's rather terrible at precisely deliver the mascara on the lashes so I end up having as much under the lashes as on the lashes.

So I was overwhelmingly disappointed with this product and at $22, it's really not worth my money at all.