Monday, August 7, 2017

No more monthly makeup subscriptions...

... at least for now.

I haven't been very active on here due to assorted reasons but definitely one of them is that I have fewer products to review now that I no longer do the monthly subscriptions. I enjoyed them. I really did. But there came a time when it seemed like it wasn't such a good idea anymore.

I was drowning in samples. I literally had no place to store them anymore. I mean, within reasons. And the worse part was that it seemed that I never had what I needed: I might have 5 samples of moisturizers but no cleanser (for example). So then I'd have to buy a full size cleanser anyway... and then, of course, I'd finally get a cleanser sampler and then an another and that's how they'd accumulate.

When it came to makeup, it rarely was a shade that would work well for me. Or rather not often enough. And, sure, I can be creative when it comes to makeup but I honestly had so many peach shadows that were about the same shade... or lipsticks in a color that is too close to my actual lips so it looks nude.

So, yes, I've given up on monthly makeup/beauty products subscriptions. Instead, I invest in what I really want. I do miss the excitement of not knowing what will be coming next but it comes at a price... and I put that money towards things I actually need. The only one that is still nagging at me some is Medusa's Makeup's subscription but, again, I'd rather be in charge of deciding which shades to get.

It was great to discover new brands but, you know what, I'm back to using my typical products that I used before.

My skin care regimen is through Estee Lauder. They have a fantastic reward program, actually. Most of my makeup is by MAC, Benefit (mascara and eyebrow products), Too Faced, or Medusa's Makeup.