Monday, January 19, 2015

Product Review - You're So Fine liquid liner by Elizabeth Mott

I received the liquid liner You're So Fine by Elizabeth Mott in glitterati as part of the Ipsy subscription.

I have to admit that I'm on the fence about this product. I did enjoy having a liquid liner as I hadn't used one for a while. Is it that much better than other liquid liners? Perhaps not. They promise that the brush is so fine that it makes application much more controlled and while it was an easy brush to manipulate, it wasn't that much different than typical liquid liners. It certainly didn't have as much control as the calligraphy pen by Jesse's Girl.

It actually took me a while to figure out that there was glitter in the formulation. It really doesn't show that much and only makes it look like it's still sort of wet. So it's okay but not that great. I would have liked for there to be more visible glitter.

They promise that the formulation is waterproof and will last all day. While I can vouch that it's mostly waterproof and will last a long time, at some point, the product hits a wall and starts flaking off. Beyond the annoyance of having your liner flake off, it actually makes my eyelids itchy and that's not a pleasant sensation. It's also not that easy to take off with my makeup remover (thanks to the waterproofing, most likely) and, thus, requires a bit more rubbing on my eyelids, which can irritate them slightly.

The cost is $17.99 and, honestly, I think that you can find a better alternative for cheaper or right around that price range. I still use it and will finish using it but I wouldn't purchase it.