Monday, March 10, 2014

Product Review - Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Palette

I received the Jesse's Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadow Compact as part of the Ipsy subscription from February. I really liked the color that I was seeing so was excited to try it.

I ended up using the colors for a makeup scheme for restaurant dancing (which is my ultimate test when it comes to makeup hold). While I was happy with the end result (see picture and description below), I have to say that I was disappointed with the payload. I had to apply a whole lot of product to get the intensity that I wanted. I also strongly believe that, without the eye shadow primer, it wouldn't have held well but, with it, it did very very well actually. The price is uber low at $3.99 so I'd say that you get a whole lot for the price. Though I'd rather pay more and not have to spend extra time applying makeup (and risking messing up because I have to go over it many times). Actually, the Wet 'n Wild palette that I reviewed recently had a better payload and was only $1 more so I'd go towards that instead of purchasing another palette from Jesse's Girl.

It seems that the only way to find the product is through their website (though I thought that I had seen it somewhere while shopping) and they offer free shipping for orders over $20.

This was the finished look. It's kind of hard to tell the contrast and was okay for restaurant dancing but I would have pushed the contrast more for stage.  Here's how I did the look:

  1. I first applied an eye shadow primer.
  2. I applied Buxom Stay There Eye Shadow in Mutt all over the eyelid.
  3. I applied the 3rd color from the left from the palette over the eyelid (so over the Mutt shadow).
  4. I applied the 3rd color from the right from the palette at the crease.
  5. I applied the 1st color from the left from the palette at the brow bone and inner corner.
  6. I lined the eyelid and bottom lid waterline with a black eyeliner.
  7. I of course applied black mascara.