Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Review - Medusa's Make Up Monthly Box

A couple of weeks ago, I saw that Medusa's Make Up was starting a monthly box subscription and, well, since I love their products (you can read my previous review here), I had to jump at the chance.

I received the products while I was gone on vacation. Funnily, it came in the same pink padded envelope as the Ipsy bag so I thought that it was the Ipsy one. In my fuzzy, jet lagged and sleep deprived state, I didn't clue in for a while and realized that I should have taken pics of all the opening steps. lol So the 2 plastic wrapped things in the picture below were wrapped in some other protecting sheet with a cute sticker to close it.

Still plastic wrapped pic:

Opened so we can see the colors of the lipstick and lip gloss:

What I received, from left to right on the above picture are:

  • Lip gloss in Loverboy
  • Eye glitter in Ozone (which is a lovely pale blue/teal color)
  • Eye dust in Magma
  • Lipstick in Baroque
I was surprised to see that all 4 products were actually full size. I re-read the description of the subscription box to see if I had just missed it but it just said that you receive 3-5 products to try... I thought they'd be samples. So I got 4 full size products for $15.95. That's pretty darn good. I just checked their retail price for all 4 items and it'd be $35. Granted, you're not choosing the colors but it's a rebate of $20. They're not asking you a quiz about your preferences so they're likely just picking out stuff and shipping that to you. So, funnily, I have an eye dust that is in a similar shade as that Magma, just a bit paler. I do love both, though.

Would I recommend it? Yes I totally would. That was good loot. (I of course reserve the right to change my mind depending on upcoming months.)

And here's a pic of me wearing the eye dust and the lipstick: