Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Product Review - Pop! Goes the Shadow by Elizabeth Mott

I received the Pop! Goes the Shadow by Elizabeth Mott as part of my Ipsy subscription. The color that it came in was as shown above, which was named champagne.

Given how pale it was, I was dubious as to what it would look like on my skin but it turns out that it's a marvelous color on me and I use it rather frequently for work to do a vintage looking makeup with just this eye shadow and some black eyeliner (usually just the top lid, though with the new haircut, I line the lower lid now as well). The eye shadow applies real easy and stays on well. It also has a nice shimmer to it. I'm very happy with it.

It retails at $12.99, which is comparable to a lot of fancier brands like MAC and Urban Decay and such. I would love to see the other colors live, especially Stars at Night. Would I be tempted to purchase this eye shadow again? Absolutely. My only issue is that it's really just available online or at some stores, none of which being in Indiana. At least it's available online as well.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The cure for (makeup) boredom

So, you've been feeling blah about makeup lately... or just simply feel like you've been doing the same thing over and over again. We can easily get in a routine and will develop go to habits because, well, when pressed for time or because you haven't had any coffee in your system, you'll need something that feels simple. But that can get boring after a while.

So here are a few ideas to shake things up.

Make use of your subscription

If you have a subscription (Ipsy, Birchbox, whatever), chances are that you may not have used everything that's in there (especially if you have had the subscription for a while as these things tend to accumulate). So you can definitely look into those samples/products and use them. Just pick one and make it work. It's not your normal shade? Make it work. That will ask you perhaps to do a little research to make it work or will at least fire up your creative juices. And if your push back is that it's a shade that totally doesn't work for you, unless you've tried it, don't dismiss it yet. Oftentimes, it's what you pair it with that makes a huge difference.

Go through your stash

Even if you're not a makeup junkie, chances are that you have some stuff that you haven't used in a while. Look at your drawer/makeup bag/wherever you store your makeup... towards the bottom... that thing... use that. ;) Now, you can use it how you used to (i.e., whatever routine you had developed with it [if any]) OR you can find another way to use it that will make it all fresh again.

Look at magazines/online photos/Pinterest

I have a board on Pinterest where I collate those pics that I stumble upon that I love the makeup in. Chances are, you may as well. When was the last time you looked at the board? There's inspiration right there. If you don't have such a board, well, you can start one... or if you don't want to be on Pinterest, there's the good old fashioned looking at magazines for inspiration or just do an online search or whatnot.

Online tutorials

I like to look at online tutorials every now and then and I have to admit that this is probably my #1 source for new inspiration. Well and, besides the fact that it will be makeup that's different than my usual go-tos, it will usually involve some different application than what I normally do so that's refreshing. Remember that, even if you don't have the exact product that they are using, if you have something that is close enough, it will work. And, sometimes, it's about trying a new technique and not so much about the color scheme.

Here are the ones that I follow:
Makeup Geek: https://www.youtube.com/user/MakeupGeekTV
Queen of Blending: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZr01YgztFcF6AWNaHp9HSA
panacea81: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmC122H07lU5BWK7XZimhg
Hollywood Noir Makeup: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSrPeIs2bEjylHrnDK-nZvQ

Monday, August 4, 2014

On the topic of blushes...

I have thus far not really talked about blushes on this blog. The reason is simple: it's just not a product that I get gaga for. Now, don't get me wrong, I do wear blush on a daily basis but I just don't have gazillion of different colors nor do I feel the need to invest in more. 

Some staples

I have some staples that work for pretty much every makeup that I can conjure up.  Here are the colors that I do have:
  • a pink toned blush;
  • a red with brown undertone blush;
  • a red with purple undertone blush;
  • a peach colored blush.
And I find that that's pretty much what I need. I did end up getting two additional ones through the Ipsy subscription, which are baby pink and coral and I do like them. But I could have lived without them.


While, yes, the exact blush color will make a subtle difference for overall look of the makeup, I just find that it's such a small difference that it's not worth spending on different shades... I'd rather buy more eye shadows instead or lipstick. ;)

Now I would advise that, if you are going to invest in just a few shades, make sure that you do love them and consider splurging for a better brand or at least a better payload. Blush is a product that not only stays good for a long time but also a little goes a long way so the product will last you a long time.


Blushes can come in different formulation: pressed powder, loose powder, cream, and liquid. I do like both pressed powder and loose powder formulations. The application is identical. When it comes to the cream and liquid formulation, I find that it's harder (for me) to apply. I've tried to apply the cream ones using a brush and that just didn't work well. I tried with my fingers (for both cream and liquid formulation) and it's hard to have a good application with those as well. I also don't quite like the finished look and feel of those formulations. So I just stick to the powder ones.


You want to apply the blush on your cheek bone, from the tip of the bone (closer to the nose) towards the hairline.  Definitely start with soft brush strokes at first and add a little bit more as needed. Blushes tend to be very pigmented so it's super easy for it to apply much more intensely than you want. If that happens, you can use your hand to smudge it away.