Monday, June 10, 2013

Product Review - theBalm Mary Lou Manizer

In the review of the Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminzer, I mentioned that I'd do the review of another product that I personally like better. Well, this is it: the Mary Lou Manizer by theBalm.

It's a shimmery powder product that, like the Stila Lumizner, is meant to be used as a highlighter. I had gotten this product first as a sample in my monthly Birchbox.  I liked it so much that I ended up purchasing the full size.

I found that this product delivered more shine for my buck than the Stila Luminzer did. It works very well for me. I apply it daily on my nose and chin. It give just enough of a highlight and is not too much.

While it works great for everyday makeup, I wouldn't use it as a highlighter for stage makeup, though but that's b/c I like to have quite a bit of contrast in my contouring. But I would consider using it if you don't want to purchase more than one product (so one for everyday and one for stage); you could just apply more of it.

If you have oily skin, though, you will probably be better off with the Stila Lumizer as I had mentioned on the review of that product. The Mary Lou Manizer would unfortunately probably cake up on you... or it *could* help dry your skin but that would depend on your level of oiliness.

The price may seem a little steep at first (24$; got a rebate on it and got it for 20$) but a little really does go a long way so this will last you for a long time.