Friday, June 3, 2016

The Dita Experience

In April, I saw Strip Strip Hooray (it was wonderful!) and not only did it make me want to bling up all my costumes but I also picked up Dita's new book, Your Beauty Mark, signed, of course. This entry won't be a book review (though I may do one later) as I haven't read it fully yet. However, it is about my experience since the show and starting to read the book.

Before the show, I had noticed that I hadn't been wearing as much makeup as I used to (it partially explains why I've had fewer entries on this blog for a while). Mostly, it was due to time constraints to get out the door in the morning so cutting on makeup application was shaving off some time.

Something else that happened in the meantime is that I've gained back quite a bit of weight between the stress of moving quickly from Indianapolis to Seattle, adjusting to all the new things (new job, new apartment, new city, etc.), and the amazing food here. My confidence has been going down increasingly and it was hard to look at my reflection in the mirror and I felt like a failure given my previous weight loss. So I was feeling pretty low.

Watching the show, seeing gorgeous women of all shapes and size being wonderfully sexy, I had this moment where I leaned over to my partner and said "I think that I need to rekindle my glamorous side." It dawned on me that it would be something that might be helpful. And it sure was.

I started first with wearing more makeup, getting back to the whole routine that I used to do, which involves Beauty Balm instead of foundation, concealer, loose powder, eye shadow application, eye liner, mascara, and blush. Shortly after that, I added wearing lipstick too (which I wouldn't do before), which makes for a more complete look.

When I started reading Dita's book, I was reminded that I also had been neglecting my skin care. I knew it but sort of was ignoring it because the products I normally use are a little pricey. Not outrageously so but more than what my budget could withstand at the moment. But the book reminded me of less expensive options so I slowly added back items to my skin care regime to supplement what I didn't have as samples thanks to Ipsy.

It's been about 6 weeks now and, yes, it does help. I feel better about myself and its much much easier to look at myself in the mirror. My confidence has definitely increased too. It feels like it's totally worth the time and money investments to feel this way.

As for the book, yes, thus far, I would recommend it. The caveat is that, as is to be expected, it's very Dita focused with some of the experts in the book showering her with compliments on her dedication to this or that. So it very much is a celebration of Dita and she explains how she does things but also has some other suggestions. It's definitely not a comprehensive book and never was meant to be. But I find it interesting to hear about her world, her process, etc. And the pictures are gorgeous.