Monday, May 4, 2015

Product Review - Sexy Booster™ Ooh La La Sexy Eyes Trio by Physician's Formula

I was at Walmart and looking for a liquid liner when I saw this eyeliner trio by Physican's Formula. I thought that it seemed interesting enough for me to try as I generally like the brand. Well, and I have to admit that the super cute packaging got me.

The box promises that you can create 3 different eyeliner looks from this or use all 3 together. I've yet to use all 3 together but I've definitely used 2 at the same time. So what's included?

  • On the far left is a thick kohl eyeliner and is my favorite thing in this trio. It really can create a thick line and is relatively easy to work with. 
  • The middle one is the liquid liner. It's okay. I was excited b/c it has a felt tip with a ball inside that I thought would help bring more liquid to the felt tip but it's only working so so. I end up having one eye with a very intense black line and the other not so much.
  • The third product (on the far right) is a pencil. It's actually pretty good and doesn't require sharpening as it's the twisting kind. I mean, it works well but it's a fairly typical liner.
I enjoy that all 3 items are together in this pouch thing so you can just grab it and all have 3. The price was also rather fair since I paid a little less than $10 at Walmart. Would I purchase it again? I'm not sure. I'd love to purchase just the black kohl eyeliner but it seems that it only comes in a trio (either the one I'm reviewing here or along with 2 other colors). In fact, I ended up purchasing the Jesse's girl liquid liner just last weekend because I find it easier to work with than the liners in this trio (I like to be quick and efficient on weekday mornings). Still, I think that the trio is a pretty good purchase if you want versatility.