Thursday, January 9, 2014

Product Review - Wet n Wild Photo Op Shadow Palette

As part of the October Ipsy bag, I received the Wet n Wild Photo Op Shadow Palette from their Fergie Collection in Desert Festival.

First, I noticed the nice colors and got excited about this palette. And then I saw that it was a Wet n Wild product and my excitement dwindled down, thinking that it's a cheap brand.

Yesterday, though, I felt like trying out the colors. And you can see the look below.

I applied the bottom left color all over the eyelid. I then applied the bottom right color at the crease and outer corner of the lower lash line. Given that it was much darker than I originally anticipated (more on that later), I applied the top right color over the brown to try to tame the color a little. Finally, I applied the top left color at the brow bone, the inner corner of the eye, and over the lower lash line.

First off, the payload was much much much better than I would have thought for the brand and especially for this price range (palette costs about 4.99$).  I was very pleasantly surprised at the first brush stroke.  For this price range, I'm used to colors just washing off and requiring a good number of brush strokes to get a good color going. I have to admit that I did apply the Shadow Insurance by Too Face as I always do (honestly, you shouldn't leave home without it or another eye shadow primer) so that may have helped a little but, having experimented with it and all kinds of eye shadows, I can say that it was indeed the pigmentation in the palette that yielded those good results.

Secondly, when I applied the brown color, I literally thought to myself "Holy mole! That's great contrast!" Hence why I had to tame it for work. I mean, I could have gone to work like that but a little taming was needed for me to feel like it was less stage makeup and more work makeup. So I figured that I definitely needed to state that on this entry: the contrast is so good, it's totally stage worthy! And that's very rare to find in any palette, let alone one in this price range.  When I looked at other palettes in the collection, except for Dutchess Lounge (which I'd have to see in person to fully ascertain), the other palettes seem to also have amazing contrast that would be stage worthy.

Was there anything that I didn't like about this palette? Well, the only thing was the packaging: it's a rather thin plastic case so, if you're not careful in protecting it while traveling, it could break.  But that can be prevented by just a little extra caution.  The other thing is that the selection of colors in this collection is a little limited.

So, honestly, for 4.99$? It's totally worth purchasing, especially for stage or special occasions. I'm actually tempted to purchase the palette in Maldives Sky because I like the colors... not that I really need a new palette.

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  1. I have loved Wet n' Wild since I was a "tween." *lol* During Hallowe'en time back in the 80s, they were the only drugstore brand that sold black lipstick, and from there I branched out to their liners, which I love. ^_^ Ya can't beat 'em for the price, and their colors really do have a great payoff. Hooray badass bargain brands! :D