Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Beautycon Box

I had never heard of the the Beautycon Box until it popped in my Facebook feed a few months ago. The cost is $29 for each season or $99 annually. I'm trying to remember but I believe that they charged shipping, which was around $5. They promised that they would have over $130 in items and lots of them would be full size.

So, yanno, I like these boxes so I figured that I'd try it. Here are pictures of what I received.

I received:

  • 2 tiny makeup sponges that work well for foundation application
  • Glamglow mask
  • Garnier makeup remover towelettes
  • Pacifica lipstick
  • NYX face setting spray
  • Benefit - They're Real mascara sample
  • A weird baby/doll trinket
  • Maybelline Rock Nudes palette
  • Fabric hair ties
  • Nail decals
  • $20 gift card for Dolls Kill 

The picture on the Facebook page shows that there's also a Murad product but I don't think that I received it.

Indeed, a bunch of items were full size. But I was a little disappointed that some of them were pharmacy things like the palette and the makeup remover towelettes. Sadly, the Pacifica lipstick was too much like my natural lip color to really work well for me but it works well as a base for lip glosses. And, well, hair ties are completely pointless for me, given my short hair.

Since I get these kinds of boxes for the thrill of receiving a surprise in the mail, I liked it enough to try it also at least another time.

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