Monday, October 8, 2012

Product Review - Medusa's Makeup

At the beginning of the year, I decided that I needed more glitter in my makeup options. So I did a quick search online and stumbled upon Medusa's Makeup.  The products looked interesting so I put an order in.

This picture here shows what I received in my first order. So, yes, there was more than one order. ;)

I ended up ordering 4 glitter powders, The Fix, a body shimmer in "Ghostly" and a kabuki brush.  They also sent a cute sticker and a brochure with their products in there.  As you can see, the packaging was real good and prevented potential mishaps from happening.

Here, you can see a close up of the glitter powders. From top to bottom, the colors are Moonwalk, .44 Magnum, Antoinette, and Mix Blitz.  The bottom container that doesn't look like other ones is The Fix, which is a wax base for the glitter.

I gave that "The Fix" a try the first time that I tried the glitter. And, let me tell you, I wasn't impressed. It really wasn't holding on to the glitter nearly as much as I wanted and needed it to.  I will use it for if I want to apply glitter a bit loosely on my body but not on my eyelids. The Glitter Glue by Too Faced is much superior in its hold so use that instead of purchasing this.

However, I was greatly impressed with the glitter: it wasn't too fluffy (i.e., it didn't fly off everywhere) and it looked amazingly gorgeous.  I will totally buy more glitter, for sure!  The fee is quite reasonable too at 7$ for a 2-oz container.

I also really like how the glitter doesn't make you look like you have a mirror ball on your eyelids. I mean, it's still very shiny but not gaudy shiny.

Here, you can see a makeup where I applied Mix Blitz. I had taken this pic originally to showcase the staying power of the Glitter Glue. This was after I had danced the whole night at Greek Islands. Still very much holding and you can see the pretty purple.

Here, I was wearing the .44 Magnum glitter.  It's one of my favorite ones for stage. I do have another silver glitter by Make Up For Ever but I much prefer this shade. Instead of being absolutely silver, it has some dark tint to it. So it helps to keep the makeup look a tad darker.

(Note: I will post a blog about how I did this makeup in the near future.)

Here is a recap of my thoughts on the first order:
The Fix: I wouldn't recommend purchasing unless you intend to use glitter loosely. I'd stick with the Glitter Glue by Too Faced (no pun intended but it's a pretty good one).
Body Shimmer: It didn't have the effect that I was expecting. It was a VERY subtle shimmer. So it's great for a party setting but not enough for stage. I was hoping for something that would make my skin look luminescent on stage. That ain't it.
Glitter Powders: AWESOME stuff! I will definitely buy more! Just the right amount of shiny. Just the right size of glitter for a good hold.

And the glitter powders were so awesome that I decided to try out their eye dusts (which are really loose eye shadows).   From top to bottom, the shades are: Penny Wise, Magma, Vanilla Latte, Barbarella, and Ocean Drive. The lip gloss is Sparkle Mania, which they were recommending to get to put over either an eye dust or glitter powder on your lips to create a funky lip gloss effect. I have yet to try that.

Well, the eye dusts definitely did not disappoint. The payload was great, the colors are awesome, and the powder is oh so fine! It's very soft on the eyelids. My only complaint is that the colors did not look exactly like they did on my computer screen when I purchased them (whereas the glitter colors were pretty true to my computer screen) but that can happen with computer screens. Still, the colors are very pretty.

Will I purchase from Medusa's Makeup again? Oh hell yes, I will!

They often run specials like 15% off or have some products on sale so do keep an eye out on those.

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