Friday, January 13, 2012

Glitter and eyes

Since I talked about glitter in my previous post, I thought that I should post a quick little something about glitter and eyes. Namely, it's a warning that not all glitter should go around your eye area! It's a little known fact but you should always check. Nearly all glitter will have a mention of whether it's appropriate to use around the eyes or not. If it doesn't have that designation, proceed at risk?

Why should you care if it's appropriate for around the eye?
Well, those that are appropriate for your eyes will have smoother edges than those that aren't. We don't think about it but glitter is really little specks so the edges are REALLY important. If they are not smooth enough, they can totally irritate your eyelids or, worse yet, get in your eyes and irritate your eyes. So be extremely careful with that.

I saw a makeup tutorial recently where they were using a certain glitter and, once I looked it up, it specifically said on the website "Not to be used in the eye area." So be careful even when watching makeup tutorial: they may not have checked. It's quite possible that this lady never had any problem applying this glitter on her eyelids but, if you have sensitive eyes, it would be a bad idea.

So what do you with that other glitter if it doesn't go on your eyelids?
Well, it can go on your skin, on your face (but not in the eye area), you can apply it on your lips, or even dust it over your nail polish as it's drying. Lots of applications still.

Oh and never EVER use glitter from the crafts section on yourself. Not even your body. Those will scratch your skin in no time flat. They are not for cosmetic purposes.

So enjoy your glitter responsibly, m'kay?

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