Monday, March 12, 2012

Too Faced Matte and Smokey Eye Palettes Review

Many months ago, I decided to splurge on the Matte Eye palette by Too Faced (displayed above) and then last week I purchased the Smokey Eye palette (displayed on the right). While I absolutely love creating new makeups, there are days when I just like to apply makeup and not have to do a whole lot of thinking about it... obviously, it happens more on a weekday morning. ;) I tend to like palettes for that kind of situation and I have to say that these palettes by Too Faced fulfill that need very well.

The advantage with these palettes is that one look consists of a row. You generally apply the left-most color on your brow bone, the middle color on the eyelid, and the right-most color on the crease and voila! They provide little cards to explain to you how to apply the makeup but, quite frankly, the application nearly always is what I described so I'm not sure how useful they are.

If you feel like trying out something different, you can totally use the colors in a different scheme. There isn't going to be like a palette police that will show up and fine you for going off of the "prescribed" order. :p So have fun!

I am using the Matte Eye palette for work. I find that the colors are very pretty with a good payload and have a nice muted tone that is perfect for work.

I used the Smokey Eye palette for work 2 days last week and, well, it may have been a bit intense for work. People don't bat an eye too much at me as I'm very eccentric but they were noticing me more, for sure... and I wasn't sure if it was appreciative or not. So I'm not sure that I'll use for work again unless I'm in the mood to fully stand out. :p That being said, the contrast between the colors is big enough that these colors would actually be stage worthy!

Except for the big eyeshadow to be applied on the brow bone, the other ones are small size so you will need to use a smaller brush to apply. Again, payload for all those is real good so the colors pretty much will look exactly like they do in the palette. (I hate when the colors lie. :p)

Those palettes run at about 36$ each. They each give you 3 looks: "day", "classic", and "fashion". So that's like 12$ for each look. Not bad at all. They have a few additional different palettes: naked eye, natural eye, natural at night, and romantic eye.

Obviously, I liked the first palette so much that I bought a second one. I would definitely recommend these palettes to anyone who is interested in intense colors and giving your brain a break. ;)

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