Monday, November 12, 2012

Makeup over makeup

This entry also could be titled "When you're too lazy to redo it all." Ahem. In the entry about how to freshen up the makeup ( ), I mentioned that you could re-apply the eye shadow and that it didn't need to be the exact eye shadow.  Well, this is what we're talking about here.

A few weeks ago, I worked all day and then was going out to see a show that night and decided to just re-apply the eye shadows with an entirely new scheme and I remembered to take pictures to showcase what it looked like before (or rather midway) and then after. ;)

Why the entry could also be called "When you're too lazy to redo it all" is because, obviously, the simplest (in a way) would have been to completely remove all the makeup and then re-apply. I just didn't feel like redoing my face (beauty balm, concealer, powder) so that's why I re-applied only the eyes. See, for all that you can try to target only the eye area when removing your makeup, it's bound to spread some of it on your face and then it gets much simpler to remove everything... but then you need to re-apply everything.

I unfortunately didn't think to take a pic with my daytime look first.  But this is what you can see on  on your right here (so my left eye).  What I was wearing there was Mutt (Stay There shadow by Buxom) with the Expensive Pink (MAC eye shadow) layered over it.

On the left here (so my right eye), you can see that I had applied the new color scheme over it... and the peach color is not showing up at all. I did have a trick for it. ;)

The trick simply was to apply Blackground (MAC Paint Pot) over the peachy color. It's a black creamy formulation so it totally blocked out the peach and made for a good new base for that lavender color.  Now, this creamy formulation can be slippery, especially over an existing color so you really need to pat it down. That's also how you build it. Whereas I would normally apply just one layer of it for a regular makeup application, I applied two layers to really block out that peach.

So... what else was I wearing?  This picture showcases what it looked like once I was done.

Over that Blackground, I applied Barbarella (Eye Dust) by Medusa's Makeup in Barbarella.  At the crease, it was Psychedelic Sister by Urban Decay.  At the brow bone (which you can't really see that I was wearing something), I applied Buttercup (eye shadow by then Bare Escentuals [now Bare Minerals]; color discontinued; it's a pale yellow).

I then re-applied the eyeliner and the mascara and I was ready to go.

Here is a picture of what it looked like with my eyes open.

Note that applying makeup over makeup works really well when you have a "masking agent" like the Blackground and then you can apply whichever color you want. If you will apply powder over powder, then it needs to be darker to cover the lighter color... or it will just tweak the color. Again, not that it's bad: it can actually be quite cool. But it's just something to keep in mind as you're thinking of lazily covering up what you already have on your eyelids. ;)


  • Stay There eye shadow by Buxom:
  • Eye shadow by MAC:
  • Paint Pot by MAC:
  • Eye Dust by Medusa's Makeup:
  • Eye shadow by Urban Decay:

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