Monday, May 16, 2016

NYX palette

Recently, I wrote a review for the Beautycon box and then a specific one on the Maybelline Rock Nudes palette where I promised that I would write a review of a NYX palette. Yup, this is it.

First off, I have to put the disclaimer that I am rather a fan of NYX. And I'm super glad that Ipsy often has NYX products in their bags. So I was of course delighted when I received this palette with lovely warm neutral tones.

Interestingly, it looks like it might be an Ipsy exclusive, as I don't see a palette that matches exactly on their website. I love the high pigmentation of the NYX products and they are generally not too expensive so it is a very good purchase for the price. I know, though, that it can be hard to find the products depending on where you live but you can order from their website and get free shipping after $25. I have recently purchased from their website and they were fairly quick. They also have more options on their website than what you can find in stores.

Here is how these shadows look on me. And if you want to do a comparison with the previous blog entry with the Maybelling Rock Nudes, you'll see that this below look pops more.

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