Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Medusa's Make-Up September Box

My 2nd Medusa's Make-Up box subscription arrived last week. How was it going to compare to last month's box?

Well, here's the loot:
As with the last time, there were 4 items, including this time around:

  • Brush cleanser
  • Eye dust in lemonade
  • Eye shadow brush
  • Body shimmer
Not too shabby. I haven't tried the brush cleanser yet and will need to figure out how it compares to my favorite one, which is by MAC. I like the eye shadow brush. The body shimmer is in pink, which is cute, but I'll need to pick and choose where to apply it b/c it IS different than my skin tone... but I can see using it to good effect for stage.

At first, I was a little... hmmmm... dismayed by the yellow of the eye shadow. But, yanno, when your makeup subscription sends you lemonade, you make... an awesome makeup scheme. ;) Here's what I came up with:
I applied a bronze primer, Submissive by Be a Bombshell, over my eyelid. I applied that Lemonade eye dust over the primer. I used the eye dust in Magma from last month's Medusa's Make-Up box at the crease. And a light cream colored eye shadow at the brow bone. (And black eyeliner and mascara, of course.) I'm actually madly in love with this makeup scheme.

Here's a look with one eye closed to see the layers better.
I was wondering if I would keep loving this subscription and I sure do. I received my Beautycon Box yesterday (my 3rd one) and, while I like it, I don't love it. (I may do a review of it.) In fact, I went ahead and cancelled it because I would much rather keep having the Medusa's Make-Up subscription. I feel like getting both the Ipsy and Medusa's Make-Up subscriptions complement each other well.

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