Monday, October 23, 2017

Medusa's Make-Up October Beauty Box

I said that I wasn't going to do it but, for some reason, there was something in the ad for the October monthly subscription that made me resubscribe to the Medusa's Makeup Beauty Box. And I gotta say that I'm glad that I did. This month, we got 4 full size products, one of which is a limited edition color. They said that the retail value was $41 so, for $15.95, that's a pretty good deal. And best of all, I was delighted to see that the products could be turned into a full look.

Here's a pic of what was in the "box". Note also that they have better cards now that explain the products. It used to be a little on the meh side.

That pic is a little small so here was what was included:

  • Metal AF Lip Gloss in Kiss Me Deadly
  • Witch Lash Mascara
  • Glitter in Ziggy
  • Eye Dust in Night Owl (this was the limited edition color)
And here is the look that I came up with:
How did I do that?

After having applied my BB cream, concealer, and powder all over my face:
  • I applied eye primer (by Too Faced) all over the eyelid to the brow;
  • I applied the eye dust on both corners of the eyelid;
  • I also applied the eye dust at the lower lash line;
  • I applied the Glitter Glue by Too Faced to the middle portion of the eyelid and applied the glitter there; (for more info on how to apply glitter, see this blog entry)
  • I didn't like the look of just that stripe of glitter so I added Glitter Glue and glitter all over the eyelid;
  • I applied the eye dust at the crease;
  • and finally I applied black eyeliner at the top lash line and some mascara.
The lipstick is obviously that Metallic AF lip gloss in Kiss Me Deadly. I also used a Medusa's Makeup blush that I already owned in Dangerous Liaison (a little goes a looooooong way).

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