Monday, September 10, 2012

Glitter Glue

I ended up purchasing the Glitter Glue by Too Faced a while back after I kept being disappointed with how much glitter was just not sticking on my eyelids.  I had found a few ways to help with that (and I fully intend on writing a blog about glitter application very soon) but nothing that really worked perfectly.  I took a chance on this product because I already use the Shadow Insurance primer by Too Faced and am very satisfied with it.

The bottom line is that, if you like to wear glitter on your eyelids, you want to purchase this product. It totally works. You can find it at Sephora and other sites. It retails for about 18$.

Normally, when I apply primer on my eyelid, I apply it on both eyelids and then apply the eye shadow. However, with the glitter glue, you want to apply it on one eyelid and quickly start applying the glitter. The thing is that it truly is a glue. You'll feel it slightly sticky in texture: that's how it grabs onto the glitter.

I've used it on me and on friends whose makeup I've done and, thus far, it has worked equally well on everyone. I've also used a wide variety of glitter products and it works equally well as well. And, yes, I've even used it with the Eye Kandy products. I've used it instead of the Liquid Sugar; the person who I've used it on said that the hold was better when I used the Glitter Glue for her makeup.

The only negatives that I'd have to say about the product is that, as with any glitter base, I wish that it would apply a tad more evenly (more on how to counter that on the glitter application entry) and that it didn't dry so darn fast. But if you manage the time and application well, you'll get good results so those are minor negatives.

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