Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Product Review - 'Tini Beauty Lounge

As part of the Ipsy/MyGlam subscription, I received the Nailtini nail polish in Millionaire. The color was okay, especially paired with a nice red underneath so I was happy with that. And so, for black Friday, they had a good sale (I'm forgetting how much off) and I decided to purchase some items. Instead of purchasing nail polishes, I purchased some lip products.

The 'Tini concept is cool: it's about layering items to make something interesting. So, Nailtini is about layering nail polishes and Liptini is about lips stuff. Now, of course, you can use any products to do the same thing... it doesn't have to be their brand. But their brand has been especially designed with that concept in mind.

I ended up purchasing a lot of mini lip products because, really, that's plenty of product.

Since then, I've also received another nail polish color as part of the Ipsy/MyGlam January subscription so I got to experience another product.

So the quick answer as to what I think about the Nailtini products is: it's okay. It's not much different, in my opinion, as other nail products out there. The shades are interesting but nothing really that makes me say that I'd only buy Nailtini for my nails.  For the rest of this entry, I won't talk about Nailtini anymore but just the Liptini

Now the quick answer as to what I think about the Liptini products is: omg! fun!

I think that the best thing about the lip products is the topper coats and how they can thoroughly change the color of a lip scheme. In the picture here, I'm wearing Blue Flame, which gives this blue hue to the lipstick that I was wearing.

They explain how to mix up the colors here. And they give example (or you can select your colors) here. I used the latter link to figure out which colors that I wanted to purchase.

So, again, the beauty of the whole concept is that, with a few products, you can easily get a multitude of options. It's very neat. And so much fun. I still need to play with it more.

It is a little on the pricey side. So thanks to my Black Friday discount, it made it more affordable. The mini bar collections are at about 8$ for each product. Those are what I purchased. The full size products are 18$.

Would I purchase at full price? Well, at full price, I'd keep getting the mini ones as, that way, I can purchase more color choices that way. And, well, if Ipsy/MyGlam keeps sending those 'Tini Beauty Lounge products, I'll keep getting discount codes. ;)

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