Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Starlooks January 2013 Starbox

Back in December, I mentioned that I had joined the Starlooks monthly subscription, called Starbox, because they were advertising that they were sending out palettes worth 99$ for 15$... so it seemed like a good deal. And I did say also that I was going to keep the subscription for at least one more month to see what a regular box is like. Well, I received the Starbox last Friday.

The box itself was green... and it reflected the content of the box, which I thought was an interesting thought. And those boxes are much sturdier and made of nicer material than the Birchbox. I'll definitely keep this one, especially since it didn't have those flakes in it.

The content of the box was interesting. I received
  • a green shimmery pencil (they say that you can use it as an eye shadow base or as an eye shadow or as an eyeliner);
  • a brown pencil (they say that you can layer it over the green shimmery pencil for an olive look or use it as an eyeliner);
  • a short, stiff, flat brush;
  • a peach colored blush;
  • a green bead bracelet.
If you tally up the declared value of the items on the website, you get way more than your 15$ worth as the total is about 46$... and the bracelet is another 15$ but they say that it is an "extra" so you could choose to count it or not.  The super cool thing is that all items are full size. No samples here! That was pretty amazing!

The card that you see in the box cover has a pretty picture of a look created with the items in the box and, on the other side, a brief explanation of the items that you've received.

I did try the shimmery pencil as an eye shadow and I really liked the color. It's on the pale side but the color is gorgeous. I wore it without a primer (shame on me!) so it didn't stay on very well but, with a primer, it's likely to hold on better.  I lined the eye with the brown pencil and it did look good. It's a typical pencil. Nothing special about it.

I have yet to try the brush but I've been wanting to purchase such a brush for a while now so I'm really happy that I received it. I also have yet to try the blush. It is a lovely shade.

The bracelet is meh but it's not by them but by a different company. It's okay. It's just not really my style.

Of note about this subscription is that, typically, everyone receives the same items. Last month, the palettes were sometimes different between different subscribers but, this month, everyone received the exact same items.

I was all ready to stop this subscription after this month but I was actually very happy with the box so now I'm on the fence. We'll see.

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