Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Product Review - Pequi Oil

I received the Pequi Oil treatment by Couture Colour as part of my first Ipsy/MyGlam subscription bag.

When I saw the packaging, I gotta say that I thought that it looked drab and I was quite skeptical of the product.  Well, quite simply, I love it!  I have very dry hair that is none too happy that I color it and do all kinds of stuff for belly dance with it. I had heard that some oils could be good to help (I was using something else). Well, this one works great for me!

I definitely would NOT recommend it if you have oily hair, obviously. You don't need this product. If you have normal but treated hair, I'm not sure how much you'll love this oil but you very well may. As someone with dry hair, it's awesome!

When I get samples from subscriptions, I do my research to see what the product is about, how much it's worth and all that (part of me wants to ensure that I AM getting my money's worth) so I was a bit shocked when I saw that the small sample of 0.5 oz that I had received was 12$ at Sephora. That was before I tried the product. Would I pay 12$ for it? Hell yes!  But is that too small of a format? Actually, no. There is also a 2 oz format that goes for 32$ but I'm not sure how long that oil stays potent so I'd buy just the small format. Why? Because a little goes a real long way.

I put a very small amount that just about covers half of one palm and work it through all of my hair. I apply it on wet hair before blow drying (I apply other products as well) and I apply it to dry hair every other day or so. I've been using this oil regularly for about 2 months and I've barely seen the level go down in the bottle. Maybe by like 1/8? So, again, the small format seems enough for me. Granted, though, my hair is not terribly long right now.

I really fell madly in love with this product. It just makes my hair shiny enough. It doesn't make it greasy at all. My hair just soaks it up like a thirsty plant. ;)

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