Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Product Review - Just Mineral Eye Polish by Cailyn

I received the Just Mineral Eye Polish by Cailyn in orchid in my Ipsy subscription. As can be seen from the pic, the bottle looks like some nail polish (hence the name) so it had me confused a little... and then I saw the applicator and was a little dubious as to whether it would really reach through to get the product out of the bottle (since, as can be seen on the pic, it's rather short) and how it would really apply it on my eyelid.

Well, I was actually quite happy with the product.

The powder feels nice on the eyelid and the shade gives just a little shade and is perfect for my work look of a blush colored eyelid with black liner. Also, the product stays on very well throughout the day, even without eye primer. I really like it.

There is quite a good range of colors available. I think that, given the applicator, it would work better as an eyelid color than for the crease or brow bone... although it *might* work for the crease. Given the color that I received, I haven't tried it at the crease.

The cost is $15 and is about par for these kinds of eye shadows and I would actually pay that amount for it (though was of course happy that it came in my $10 Ipsy subscription ;)). I do think that it's a product that is worth purchasing if you find it. It looks like few stores carry the brand but, of course, it can be purchased online.

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