Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Makeup Look - Peacock Eyes

On Saturday, I was feeling like using some blues for my dance makeup for Greek Islands. As promised, here are the instructions on how I achieved the look.

The palette that I used for most of the look is from the Fergie collection by Wet n Wild in Maldives Sky. You can find this at a drug store or Walmart for about $5-6. And, yes, it works great. You can see a review that I had done of a different shade of the palette here.
  1. I applied eye primer all over the eyelid to the brow and a little at the lower lash line. I use Shadow Insurance by Too Faced.
  2. I applied the top left color from the palette over my eyelid.
  3. I applied the bottom left color from the palette on the eyelid, at the outer corner and until about 1/4 of the eyelid towards the inner corner to bolster the color on the eyelid a little.
  4. I applied the purple color (so top right on the palette) at the crease, making it darker at the outer crease and less intense as I'm going towards the inner crease.
  5. I applied a beige, shimmery eye shadow at the brow bone for a highlight. I used Shroom by MAC.
  6. The lower lash line is divided in 3 roughly equal parts and will have different colors. I applied each color from in to out. First, I did the outer corner 3rd with the purple. Second, I did the middle 3rd with the bottom left color. Lastly, I did the inner corner 3rd with the top left color. 
  7. I lined both the top eyelid and the bottom waterline with the black gel liner from E.L.F.
  8. I applied mascara.

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