Thursday, March 19, 2015

Product Review - Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by Pacifica

I received the Natural Mineral Coconut Eye Shadow by Pacifica in my Ipsy subscription.

The product promised to be a velvety finish and I was skeptical because it's never as smooth as they make it out to be. But, lo and behold, it does feel very nice on the eyelid. I tried it both with and without eye primer and it held very well even without.

For my friends who have concerns over products, all the Pacifica products are animal cruelty free (not sure about humans :p) and vegan so that's a plus. This brand used to be only available online but is now available at Target so you can find it more easily.

Interestingly, I couldn't find this single shadow on their website nor on the Target website so I couldn't tell you the price. Did we receive a discontinued product? It's possible. What I do see are palettes and they run between $11 and $34, which seems like a good price given the sizes. I would consider looking into that brand, for sure.

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