Tuesday, October 16, 2012

False lashes

I often get questions around false lashes. They do take a long time to get used to so be patient with yourself.  They are a great tool to open up your eyes.  Some people put them on first, before putting all the eye makeup.  However, I will generally put them on last when I’m done with everything else in case I run out of time or have issues with them. 

Things to know:
Buy cheap ones: There is no need to purchase expensive ones because they will break just as fast (if not faster). Also, the cheaper ones tend to be sturdier so they will withstand manipulation a whole lot better than pricey ones. Especially when you're starting to use them, start with cheapy ones.

Where to buy: The best ones that I've found readily available were at Sally's.  They're big enough for stage.  They have also some okay ones at CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger. But they're smaller.  So I generally will wear them at Greek Islands where I'm close to people... or I'll double them up and wear two pairs for stage (that's a more advanced skill).

eBay: Do a search on eBay for false lashes and you'll find lots of Asian options. They come in boxes of 10 pairs and you can often find lots that have more than one style. They're really cheap price-wise, are very sturdy, and they are a good size for stage. You will likely need to cut them up to size a bit more than the pharmacy or Sally's versions would but they're at a fraction of the cost. Obviously shipping is slow so you'll need to plan in advance. And read the descriptions well because they will often lead you to believe that you'll get multiple boxes when, really, you'll get only one.

Glue: Don't bother with the glue that they provide with the lashes sometimes. That's cheap and rarely stays well.  For glue, I use the Duo Eyelash glue, which you can find at CVS. They also have a version that dries to black; it has pink lettering on the tube. http://www.cvs.com/shop/product-detail/Duo-Eyelash-Adhesive-Waterproof-Dark-Tone?skuId=307250

How to apply them:
  • When taking them out of the case, use your thumbs to press them down towards the bottom of that container. You will be less likely to break them that way.
  • Once they are out of the container, you'll want to wiggle them around as they will be too stiff.
  • You may want to assess whether they fit. Most eyelashes will fit unless you have real small eyelids.  If they are too long, you can cut them.
  • If the lashes are on a clear band, I will put some black eyeliner over that band so that they will blend better with my black line on the lid.
  • Apply a small coat of glue all along the band of the eyelashes. You'll find your own preference but you don't want it too thick nor too thin and you want it as even as you can muster.  I sometimes will just pour straight from the tube or will use the handle of an eyeshadow brush to apply the glue.
    NOTE: The glue that's at the tip may separate in the tube. So you want to squirt some glue on a tissue or something to get rid of that separated goop.
  • WAIT ~30 SECONDS before applying eyelashes.  That is the one step that a lot of folks skip.  To see if the eyelashes are ready, you can touch the glue and it should be a little tacky.
  • Start applying your lashes from the middle portion of the false lashes on your eyelid, close-ish to your natural lashes but don't sweat how close you are just yet.  Using the handle of a small eyeshadow brush, push the false lashes down towards your natural lash line.  Keep pressing softly the lashes down to your lash line on each side.  The best video that I saw that explained this is via the MAC website (it's easier to get what I'm talking about when you see it): http://www.maccosmetics.com/makeup_artistry/8940/Video/index.tmpl
  • Once the lashes are applied, you can turn them up by simply batting your lashes softly against your index finger.

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