Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to freshen your makeup

So you've been wearing your makeup all day and then need to go out in the evening and don't have time to completely redo your makeup... or you just don't feel like it. What can you do? Here are some tips and tricks.  You don't have to do them all: it's up to you to choose which ones you do.

Mist and set spray
If you absolutely have no time whatsoever to freshen your makeup, consider just spraying your eye area with a makeup mist and set spray. A number of companies have these but the one that I use is by e.l.f. and can be found at Target for 3$. This will re-brighten your makeup and will make it appear as if it had been applied more freshly than it has.

Note: If you will do any other steps but want to do this as well, use the spray as your last step.

Probably THE thing that will give away how long ago the makeup was applied is your eyeliner, especially if you apply some at the lower lash waterline. But, just in general, the eyeliner has a tendency to chip off a little. So you may want to reapply it. No need to take what you had off: you can just apply over it.

While the mascara won't disappear off your lashes, it will be a little "duller" than when you freshly applied it so applying a new coat over what you already have will help making it look fresher.

Loose powder
If you apply loose powder, you may want to reapply. It will even out your skin back again. This is a step that I especially do during the summer time as I'm bound to have had some sweating that changed the color of my face. If you have an oily complexion, this may actually be your #1 step to do.

Note: You may need to re-apply the blush if you do re-apply loose powder.

Eye shadow
You may want to re-apply your eye shadow. It all depends on whether it has creased or otherwise washed off your face during the day. If you've used an eye primer, it shouldn't have done that but, depending on the heat, allergies, rubbing at the eyes, etc., it could have. Also, you could apply a different color! It could change the color. If it's much darker, then that color will be the prominent one. If it's in the similar range of hue, it will tweak the color, which may be fun.

If you've used only one eye shadow on your eyelid that morning, you could totally finish up the look by applying something at the crease and brow bone.

Note: If you will apply an eye shadow, especially on the eyelid, you'll want to wait until that is done before re-applying the eyeliner. Otherwise, you'll cover the eyeliner with the new shadow and need to re-apply the eyeliner yet again.

I generally don't need to re-apply the blush but you may. If I'm doing multiple steps, I may re-apply a bit just to make sure that the cheeks also look fresh. ;)

Lipstick/lip gloss
It kind of goes without saying that the lipstick/lip gloss will likely need to be re-applied.  That is, if you wear these.

What to pick?
As I've already mentioned, you most certainly don't have to do all these steps.  What you pick will be utterly dependent on the time you have, how your makeup looks like currently (i.e., it will change depending on the day), and where you're going/what you'll be doing.

Generally, my minimal steps are eyeliner, mascara, and mist. That takes about 2-3 minutes to do. More if the eyeliner somehow got real messed up but that's very rare.  Then the rest will be dependent on how the makeup is looking and what I want it to look like. ;)

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