Thursday, October 4, 2012

Product Review - DDF Brightening Cleanser

I received a sample of this product as part of the August Birchbox. The sample that I received was a very decent size at 4.3 oz! The full product is 8.5 oz so that's just half! Pretty neat!

I gave it a try and was a little weary of it because there were warnings about making your skin more sensitive to sun exposure and more prone to sunburns (mine is already very prone to those). I still gave it a shot on a day when I knew that I wasn't going to be out in the sun at all. Well, interestingly, even at first use, I did see my skin look brighter. I was quite impressed by that!

The product has a licorice smell. I don't like licorice at all (as I mentioned on a previous post, turns out that I'm actually somewhat allergic to anise) but the product only lightly smells of licorice. Since I do apply a moisturizer and now the beauty balm, it doesn't last long so that's not a bother for me. But it could be.

The first few times that I used the product, I felt like it left my skin quite dry and I needed to apply my typical moisturizer rather quickly. However, the moisturizer was enough to make the skin feel fine.

I really do like the effect that it gives on my skin and how it brightens it. I'm using it like every other day right now.

Would I purchase the full size product once I'm out of my big sample? I'm not sure. The price for the full size is 38$, which is typical of most cleanser in this category.  I don't think that I could use it daily, though, due to 1) not wanting to dry out my skin and 2) the sensitivity to sun. So, with that in mind, I'm not sure how much the brightening benefit outweighs the cost of the product (and really needing 2 products for the alternating days and for the evening [though I could use makeup remover towelettes for the evening]). The jury is still out on that one and I have a lot of product to go through before I'd reach that point where I'd make a decision but I think that I would not invest in this product given my skin type.

I can see how it could be very beneficial (to the point of purchase) for someone else. But you still would have to watch out for the sun.

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