Friday, October 26, 2012


When I was contemplating joining a sample subscription program, I was debating whether to subscribe to then MyGlam now renamed Ipsy or just Birchbox. Then, last month, I received an e-mail that seemed interesting enough for me to try it.

Let me backtrack and explain what this is. Like Birchbox and The Look Bag, you get samples monthly. Different than Birchbox (but akin to The Look Bag), everyone gets the same samples. For the October bag, though, they did customize the colors that they sent in for makeup based on how you had answered the beauty quiz. The idea of course is to make you happy with the color selection for you vs. having random colors that may or may not work.

Also, I've already referred to it as a bag... that is how it's commonly referred to and that's because it does come in a bag. We're not talking a little pouch like The Look Bag but a real beauty bag, as can be seen on the pic.  So, each month, you get a new bag like that. I have to wonder a bit what I'll do with all the bags if I were to subscribe for a while but these are handy so I'm sure that I'll figure it out.

Now, also contrary to Birchbox but akin to The Look Bag, there were 2 full size products! That was really neat.

What sold me to take the subscription for October was that they said that the theme was going to be "bombshell". That was quite enticing, I have to say.

So what did I receive? From left to right on the pic:

  • Pequi oil hair treatment by Couture Colour (deluxe sample)
  • What's your type? "The Body Builder" mascara (that is the name of it, I swear!) by the Balm (deluxe sample)
  • Lip Bomb by Mirenesse (full size)
  • Quad eye shadows by Coastal Scents (deluxe sample)
  • Be a Bombshell eyeliner (full size)
Someone had calculated the price of all the items on the Makeup Talk message board and it was over 70$ in value. So a great deal.

Now, I have to give a fair warning that, just like the Birchbox boxes are not all created equal, same thing for this bag. In previous months, it was all about hair and things like that. Hence why I hadn't taken the plunge in August nor in September. I don't know the theme yet for November but they have announced that they will have a deluxe sample of They're Real mascara by Benefit in at least a portion of the bags (it is an "or" item). We've also seen the bag and it looks like this one only it's all black.

I will definitely keep my subscription for November and will likely just keep it for a while.

Note: I will review the products individually, as I do with the other subscriptions. ;)

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