Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Silver and black eye makeup

I've had a bunch of folks ask how I did this makeup.  It ties in real well with the "how to apply glitter" entry. The list of steps are what I did. Below that, you will find first a link to the video that inspired this makeup and then the list of the products that I used.
  1. I applied my primer all over my eyelids up to the brow and a little at the lower lash lines. I used Shadow Insurance by Too Faced.
  2. I applied 2-3 layers of Stay There eye shadow by Buxom in the color Pug all over the eyelids to the crease.  
  3. I applied that Pug color at the lower lash line as well.
  4. I applied the Glitter Glue primer (by Too Faced) over the eyelid. I did one eye at a time for this step and the next.
  5. Using little dabs/pats, I applied .44 Magnum glitter by Medusa's Makeup.
  6. I defined the crease using a pencil brush and the e.l.f. cream eyeliner. This step really consists of putting a black line on your crease. It's also called a "cut crease" technique.  See also the video link below.
  7. Using a crease brush, I applied Buxom Stay There in Black Lab at the crease. I applied it over the black eyeliner line and going up (i.e., trying not to bring it down).  I also applied a little at the outer corner of the lower lash line, to connect the lower lash line with the crease line. That's how I get the flared look at the crease.
  8. I applied the Sephora Aspen Summit eye shadow on the brow bone.
  9. I lined the upper lash line with the e.l.f. cream eyeliner, making a winged tip/flared line.
  10. I lined the bottom lash waterline with the e.l.f. cream eyeliner, making sure to well define the inner corner.
  11. I applied mascara over the lashes. I later applied false lashes to the top eyelid as well.
  12. The lipstick is Dubonnet by MAC.
Here is the link to the makeup tutorial that inspired this makeup. I ended up toning it down as I felt that the original finished look was a bit too over the top (especially for what I wanted performance-wise at the time; the original makeup that I did like that was for a performance and I redid it for this photoshoot) and it wouldn't read well from stage as it is a lot of shading.  But this is where I first learned how to do a "cut crease" and got to idea to do it for this makeup.

Links to the products:


  1. Thanks for writing this blog. You have some great tips, ideas and advice. And you always look smashing!

  2. It's my pleasure to share those tips, ideas and advice. It took me a long time to figure this thing out. ;)