Friday, October 5, 2012

Product Review - Kate Somerville True Lash Enhancing Eye Makeup Remover

Boy, that product's name is a mouthful!  I got this sample as part of a sample bag from Sephora. I'm a VIB (Very Important Beauty insider) with Sephora and they will often have special promotions: this one was a bag with 7 deluxe samples and this product was in it.

Last week, I ran out of makeup towelettes and didn't have any makeup remover left so I remembered that there was a sample of makeup remover and I used it. I originally thought that I would use it only one night but I ended up using it for like 4-5 nights.

The first thing to note is that it's a cream that you apply on your eyelids to remove the makeup. If you're used to a liquid solution, it's a little weird at first. You can rinse it off afterwards or not. Since I remove my eye makeup first and then wash my face, I automatically end up rinsing it off.

I gotta say that it did a great job removing the makeup and it didn't require much rubbing to remove stubborn mascara.  I was quite impressed by it.

Definitely the thing that impressed me the most, though, was that it delivered on its promise.  It promises to "strengthen and promote lash growth to create stronger, noticeably fuller lashes." MANY beauty products make all kind of promises. I am generally skeptical until proven otherwise. And I'm always VERY skeptical of anything that says that they will improve lash growth as it has never worked on me.  So I snickered when I saw the lash growth claim and forgot about it... until, one morning, I was applying mascara (and I had discontinued use of the product by that time) and was like "Boy, my lashes are so much fuller and longer! Look at them!" And then I remembered the claim. So color me surprised but it did work!

Another cool feature for me was the fact that, given that it's a cream, it didn't dry out my eyelids at all. They felt smooth.

So I'm tempted to purchase the product because of that great result. The only thing that is making me hesitate is the cost. It's 35$ for a 1.7-oz tube.  I'm used to paying 20$ for a 3.4-oz bottle of eye makeup remover by MAC. The Kate Somerville product did do a better job at removing the mascara, though. And, well, it does more than just remove makeup.  And, again, the not drying the eyelids benefit is noteworthy for me as well. It's very likely that I will actually purchase it given all the benefits.

One option that I would have to reduce cost on the long term is to alternate using the Kate Somerville product with the MAC eye makeup remover. Say, 1 week a month I'd use the Kate Somerville product and the rest of the month I'd use the MAC product.

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