Monday, October 22, 2012

Youtube Tutorials

Years ago, as I was on my quest for good makeup, I stumbled upon youtube tutorials of makeup. I believe that it was through good old Tribe (remember that site?). So here are my "go to" ladies.

Lauren Luke aka panacea81
Lauren was the one that I had found the link for via Tribe. I got a ton of good tips and tricks from her older videos.  I haven't been following her much lately.

Makeup Geek
She often has products reviews and all and has started to do tutorials that include hair as well.

Queen of Blending
She can be quite outrageous in her makeups. That being said, those will be awesome for stage! You may even feel like toning it down (like I did for the silver and black makeup scheme).  She does deserve her name in that she blends her shadows like no other.

Nowadays, quite honestly, there's tutorials for anything and everything. Whether they are good or bad is in the eye of the beholder. But you are bound to find inspiration in plenty of places. Besides these lovely ladies who are my list, you could do a search for whatever makeup you're thinking of and will most likely find pics, tutorials, etc. So don't hesitate to google it up. ;)

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